The most powerful Minecraft checker ever made

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We imagined what perfection would be like, and crafted it ourselves.

Blazing fast

Easily get up to 100K CPM with our Minecraft optimized multithreading technologies, and suitable proxies.

Clean interface

We have both a command line and a beautiful graphical interface, choose your preferred one!

Detailed statistics

Do you like statistics, estimations? We've got you covered!

Pause & resume

Need to pause a check? Click the pause button. Click again to resume, it's that simple!

Save what's left

Want to save unchecked combos? Click the button to do so and do whatever you want next.

Well sorted output

Folders, subfolders... We certainly have the most beautiful Minecraft checker output you've ever seen.

All proxies

We support all popular proxy protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS4(a), SOCKS5.

Auth proxies

We support auth proxies, including those with custom formatting. Never worry about asking your proxy provider to whitelist your IP address again!

URL proxies

We support URLs to retrieve proxies from, in case your proxy list frequently changes. You can even set a refresh interval.


Get the status with statistics of your checks and favorite hit types sent to you right on Discord or to your own API! Never switch to your VPS again.

Hits worth calculator

Assign monetary values to each hit type and view the worth of your total hits, live!

Rank checkers

Build your own powerful rank checker JSON configs and optionally share them with the rest of the community.

Cape checkers

LabyMod, OptiFine, Minecons... Grab all capes an account owns, even those not shown on NameMC.

Mail access checker

See if your hits are also valid email accounts you can get access to.

OG name checker

Never miss an OG name from your hits and customize our premade wordlist to your liking.


Some extra features we believe are too good to be cheap.

Password changer

Automatically change the passwords of your insecure and legacy accounts. Keep your hits 100% private!

Ban checker Soon

Get access to the ban checker addon. You can also build your own powerful ban checker JSON configs and optionally share them with the rest of the community.


Terms of Service

These terms are accepted upon purchase and can be changed at any time, with or without notification.

1. All sales are final. Refunds will not be issued, even in the event of a suspension.
2. Sharing BlackChecker binaries or your license with any unauthorized user will result in immediate suspension without notice.

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